2013 Update Coming Soon
All 2013 College Football Division I Team Rosters for FREE
JACK’s ROSTERS gives you instant access to the rosters and schedules of all 125 Division I College Football teams, making you the smartest person watching the game. This is for the fan who wants to know who just made the big play. No more fumbling through bulky magazines or flimsy newspaper rosters. Just tap in the player’s number using the “#” function and instantly see their profile, including their hometown and the last school where they played. And each roster is built directly into the JACK’s ROSTERS app. So whether you are at home, a gathering, a 100,000 seat stadium or on a remote island, Jack’s Rosters will get you information lightning quick, while everyone else is trying to connect to the internet. 
Who is Jack?
Jack is an avid 12 year old college football fan. When Jack was 7, he came up with a brilliantly simple idea of a laminated roster to wear around his neck, so he would always know who was in the game and making the big plays (or not). When Jack got an iTouch for his 8th birthday, he instantly knew that his rosters would be a cool app for every college football fan.